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Olympus Earthed

Athena Goddess of Heroes (Olympus Earthed Book 1)


I am an immortal goddess stuck on Earth.

To use a modern colloquialism, it sucks!


How did I end up in this infuriatingly-mortal situation? The Earth is in danger once again and my father, Zeus, has sent me to this god-forsaken planet to find a hero to protect it. Only then will I be allowed to return to my rightful place on Mount Olympus.


I, along with several of my siblings, are living among the mortal hoard. Each of us has a mission; mine is to find a modern-day mortal worthy of joining the ranks of Odysseus and Achilles. This Hero must be strong, courageous, clever, and unwaveringly loyal. Even if I find one, and that’s a big if, how am I supposed to get them to trust me? Let alone, willingly follow me into mortal peril? Where might I find such a person? Who could they be?


Athena Goddess of Heroes takes the Athena of myth and legend and leads her down a path to discover the value of humanity. With her siblings ever present, a few old enemies who come out to play, and the developing love of a Hero, Athena is dragged on an action-packed journey that turns her own world up-side-down. Will the goddess of Wisdom choose the logical path that ensures the safety of the world as we know it? Or will she choose to save the one who has awakened her heart, no matter the consequences?


If you enjoyed The Mortal Instruments, The Lunar Chronicles, or The Trials of Apollo you will love this first installment of the fast-paced, Olympus Earthed series.

In this YA urban fantasy novel, filled with action, adventure, romance, and some unexpected twists and turns, you may just find your new literary obsession.


Join the Olympian gods and goddesses on their missions today!


Athena Goddess of Heroes E Book
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