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Ashli Edwards is the creative genius behind the worlds and lives of the characters we all love. Fantasy is her language, English her instrument. Her ability to form an idea or uncover the depth of both friend or foe is truly a thing to behold. She is a master of perspective and a lover of story. Without Ashli, there would be no tales for the Edwards Twins to tell. She hopes that in every book you find something that speaks to you, whether it be love, fantasy, adventure or the unexpected moments in life. Ashli lives each day hoping to share a little of what’s inside her heart with you.

Ashli Edwards

Trisha Edwards

Trisha Edwards is the logic and structure of this twin author team. With a natural inclination toward story symmetry and consistency, accompanied by a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Trisha is the ideal second half of this creative coin.  Trisha’s passion is for telling stories, no matter how deep in worlds unknown, that are relatable and psychologically realistic. It is her belief that if a reader can find themselves or the people they love reflected in the tales the Edwards team spins, then hers is a job well done. Please support her passion for producing novels by checking out the Edwards Twins’ fantastic, fantastical stories.

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